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IndraMotion MTX (CNC Controls)

A higher standard of performance at every level

For robust, powerful, future-proof performance in an open CNC control platform, Bosch Rexroth’s MTX standard, performance and advanced series set a new standard. Optional 5-axis interpolation is available in all configurations enabling advanced machining solutions. From universal CNC machines to high-speed machining in tough industrial environments to dynamic multi-technology machines, MTX has a system for every performance need using electric and hydraulic axes. MTX standard features 2 independent channels (paths) with performance for up to 12 axes, 2 of which can be used for spindle functions, while MTX performance features 12 channels for up to 64 axes, 32 that can be used for spindle functions and MTX advanced features 60 channels, 250 axes with 32 for spindle functions. While MTX standard offers outstanding performance for a general purpose CNC system, with MTX performance and Advanced a whole series of additional functions are available for performing complex interpolation, axis coupling, special kinematics, fast I/O coupling and much more.



  • Applications/Markets
    MTX - Applications

    Applications (Electric and hydraulic axes):

    Machine tools - cutting

    • Gear hobbing
    • Grinding
    • Milling
    • Transfer machines
    • Turning
    • Multi-Technology Machines
    • Wood and glass processing
    • Composite machining
    • Laser cutting/welding
    • Oxifuel- and plasma cutting
    • Water jet cutting

    Machine tools - forming

    • Punching and nibbling machines
    • Spinforming

    Specialty machines

    • Filament winding
    • Additive manufacturing process/machines
    • Precision contour dispensing
    • Material handling and automation
    • Assembly machinery

    Ideal For:

    • Metal Cutting (Powertrain, Fixtures, Machine Shops)
    • Shape Cutting
    • Furniture and Cabinet (Wood Routing)
    • Aerospace

  • Key Benefits
    MTX - Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Easy mixing of application functionalities within and between channels
    • Consistent programming & development environment
    • Inherent synchronization allows control of multiple processes from one controller
    • Unparalleled options for programming, troubleshooting, communication to other systems, diagnostics and maintenance
    • Simpler implementation of safety in machine designs and retrofits.
    • Faster reaction times due to integrated safety, thereby reducing injuries
    • Reduced machining time, tools changes, with improved part accuracy
    • Best part surface finish and quality
    • Easier communications set up with other systems and devices, including OPC UA
    • Reduce time and cost by streamlining system design, simplifying commissioning, enabling monitoring, improving preventive maintenance, and more

  • Notable Features
    MTX - Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • Uniform software and integration across all CNC control models
    • Scalable hardware range including Multi-Core processors
    • Multi-Core hardware execute PLC and CNC in dedicated processor core for high-speed motion control and fast user PLC code execution
    • High channel (path) count for modern multi-tasking machines
    • Multi-Ethernet capabilities (Sercos, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, OPC,...)
    • Open Core Engineering for custom functionality integration
    • Safety on Board - Central and distributed safety solution for logic and motion
    • 5-axis interpolation capability across all models
    • Precise motion control in CNC and digital drive with highly deterministic Sercos automation bus
    • Sercos Ethernet real-time motion connectivity including IO and peripherals
    • Industry Standard, IIoT and Industry 4.0 Connectivity (OPC UA, MTConnect, and Rexroth’s own Open Core Interface - for communication via C++, Java, and more)
    • Uniform IndraWorks engineering tools for simple, fast commissioning and diagnosis
    • MTX controls can be easily retrofitted to existing machines for upgraded functionality
    • Comprehensive CNC and G-code functionality including high-level language CPL