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Frequency converter EFC 3610/5610

High reliability, ease and productivity in low-voltage applications.

For applications requiring up to 90kW/125hp, Rexroth’s EFC 3610 and 5610 variable frequency drives provide reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective AC motor control. The EFC x610 drives feature a smart, compact design with built-in components that make new installations and retrofits exceptionally simple. In fact, commissioning options are freely configurable through either a PC or programming panel. Control is both cost-effective and flexible, with application-specific firmware, a multi-Ethernet interface, and Open Core Interface support that lets you ramp up productivity across a broad spectrum of applications. Get reliable, affordable performance with EFC 3610 and 5610.



  • Applications/Markets
    EFC - Applications


    • Pumps and compressors
    • Ventilators and fans
    • Conveyors
    • Machine tools and woodworking
    • Hydraulic presses and injectors

    Ideal For:

    • Food and beverage
    • Paper manufacturing and processing
    • Packaging
    • Printing
    • Textiles

  • Key Benefits
    EFC - Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Multiple user-friendly programming options include IndraWorks, ConverterWorks or a detachable panel
    • Open Core Interface support allows easy linkage to IT automation platforms
    • Only VFD that provides integrated Sercos III protocol support
    • Choice of industrial Ethernet protocol, integrated to a common interface
    • Supports fieldbus users common to packaging applications
    • Freely downloadable, application-specific firmware - trouble-free installation and updates for a wider range of customers and machine types
    • Detachable operating panel allows for serial parameterization of multiple machines
    • STO functionality allows safety to be integrated into equipment

  • Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • V/F control with power range up to 22 kW/30 hp (EFC 3610)
    • SVC control with power range up 90 kW/125 hp (EFC 5610)
    • Software Development Kit support from Open Core Interface in high-level programming languages
    • Sercos III communication protocol support for simple integration with IndraDrive & IndraControl components
    • Multi-Ethernet interface option includes the following communication protocols: Sercos, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus/TCP
    • Fieldbus support for PROFIBUS DP and CANopen
    • Application specific firmware for different target applications
    • Built-in brake chopper (up to 22 kW or 30 hp)
    • Built-in line filter (all ratings)
    • Detachable operating panel for easy commissioning and parameter transfer across multiple units
    • Safe Torque Off safety function available