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IndraDrive Cs

IndraDrive Cs Magnifier

With the new series of compact IndraDrive Cs drives, Rexroth is expanding the lower power range of the IndraDrive drive system that has enjoyed worldwide success. In addition to its space saving design and outstanding performance data the IndraDrive Cs also offers an extensive range of Ethernet-based communication interfaces.

The newly developed communication hardware with multiple protocol compatibility enables the IndraDrive Cs to meet today’s higher requirements for openness and consistency. Sercos III, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP and EtherCat are available even in the first expansion level. These Ethernet-based interfaces are connected via universal communication hardware, which is easily configured by means of software.

Adding functionality and overall cost savings, the small IndraDrive Cs is designed to fit easily into tight machine spaces, giving you greater flexibility to control machine footprint. It can also be equipped with a drive-based PLC, integrating motion and logic according to IEC 61131-3 standards, as well as Safety On Board capability for certifiable drive-based machine safety.

Available in models ranging from 50 W up to 3.5 kW, the IndraDrive Cs dimensions measure 50 x 145 x 220 (mm) for one unit, and 75 x 205 x 220 (mm) for the larger unit. Maximum current ranges from 3A up to 28A, with a high overload range.


  • Multi-Ethernet interface – supports various ethernet-based controls
  • Multi-Encoder interface - supports common encoders / motors
  • High scalability in price and performance

Your Benefits

  • One hardware for all opportunities – increases flexibility to serve different control solutions.
  • One hardware for all opportunities - less variety & more flexibility.
  • Reduced complexity - one platform covering broad range of applications.