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Large Drives up to 4 Mw IndraDrive ML

IndraDrive ML - More Power, More Options

Used in a variety of marine and offshore, metal forming and plastics applications, the new IndraDrive ML from Bosch Rexroth extends the IndraDrive series into the upper power range. The drive can power individually up to 500 kW and connect in parallel up to 8 devices and up to 4 MW. IndraDrive ML is simply the most scalable drive system available in terms of power, performance control, and connectivity. The space-saving, modular inverter can be used as a mains power inverter or as a motor inverter which minimizes the variants, simplifies handling and reduces your storage costs. The drive features a regulated power supply for optimized energy-saving concepts and management, a high end cooling plate and best-in-class transistor modules. Users also benefit from intelligent features such as an integrated motion-logic for single and multi-axis control and Safety on Board technology. Only Bosch Rexroth offers electric, hydraulic or hybrid drive solutions into the megawatt power range from one source!



  • Applications/Markets
    Indradrive ML


    • Trawler and anchor winches, ship cranes
    • Container cranes, conveyor belts
    • Transmission and engine test stands, test rigs for hydraulics
    • Presses and bending machines
    • Rolling mills
    • Extruders, injection molding machinery
    • Hoists, bridge lifts, architecture in motion

    Ideal For:

    • Marine & Offshore
    • Material Handling
    • Automotive / Aerospace (assembly & testing)
    • Metal Forming
    • Metal Process
    • Plastics Manufacturing
    • Civil Engineering

    Ideal For:

    • Marine & Offshore (marine certifications DNV GL, ABS, and LR)
    • Material Handling

  • Key Benefits
    IndraDrive ML - Key Benefits
    • Expertise: Rexroth’s multi-technology expertise in Hydraulic, Electric, and Linear technologies
    • Flexibility: Optimized to each application, saving energy and reducing network load
    • Smaller footprint: Less cabinet space, more compact design possible
    • Modular: Reduction of variants and stock costs for simplified handling
    • Efficient Reuse of Energy: Through regeneration, storage, and/or sharing; energy monitoring via Open Core Interface
    • Efficient Cooling: High power density and more effective cooling path reduces costs
    • Robust: Rugged mechanical components and laminated power interconnect
    • High Dynamic Operation: Multi-axis coordination, multi-ethernet protocol
  • Notable Features
    IndraDrive ML - Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • Device settings from 110 kW to 500 kW in 8 graduations
    • System output: up to 4 MW by means of parallel connection
    • Supply voltage: 3 AC 380 ‒ 500 V, 525 - 690 V / 50 ‒ 60 Hz / TN, TT and IT network
    • Types of cooling: liquid cooling, air cooling
    • 1.5-fold overload for 60 s
    • Universal inverter as feeding/regenerating power supply or as motor inverter
    • Size: optimized construction with heatsink and aluminum bus bar
    • Multi-protocol hardware for Sercos III, PowerLink, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS & CANopen
    • Regulated power supply - optimized energy-saving concepts and energy management
    • Cooling: high-end cooling plate & best-in-class transistor modules; requires less energy for discharge and heat loss
    • Small coolant volume at a high coolant temperature: enables the use of a compact heat exchanger and efficient heat recovery
    • Integrated motion-logic for single & multi-axis control
    • High PWM frequency: no oversizing of motors or inverters
    • CCertified Safety Technology: Certified according to EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061
    • Built-In Safety: Safety on Board from Safe Torque Off to Safe Motion