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GoPak™ Champion: Your expert support

The GoPak Champion has expert hydraulic and Rexroth systems’ knowledge to guide you through using the GoDesigner tool yourself, or use it on your behalf to create your GoPak design – it’s your choice.

Your GoPak Champion provides:

  • Local/Regional Support
  • Rapid Response
  • Custom Requirements
  • Consultation and Training

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The range of accessories available through GoPak allows a broad variety of configurations to serve a variety of applications across many industries. Our selection of accessories expands the configurability and customization of your GoPak power unit.

Accessory Options Component Data Image
Motor Starters

Entry Level Version: Magnetic, non-reversing, non-combination starter, overload relays, NEMA 4X polymeric enclosure with knockouts, start & stop/reset push buttons.

Industrial Version: Full voltage, electromechanical starter, non-reversing, rotary handle combination fusible disconnect, with thermal overloads, NEMA 4 indoor steel enclosure, start (flush)/stop (raised) push buttons, LED run pilot light.

Motor Starters
Barstock Manifolds

Parallel circuit, ductile iron (65-45-12) or aluminum (6061-T6), 1-6 stations, D03-D07 valve patterns, standard & high flow versions, SAE threaded ports.

Electro-less nickel Coating.

Pressure/Check Block


  • Automatically applied to all configurations
  • Ductile iron (65-45-12) with electroless nickel coating
  • 4 block sizes to cover the flow range
  • SAE threaded or flanged ports depending on pressure & flow
  • Gauging point connector
  • Customer pressure connection — located at the front
  • Secondary pressure connection (barstock or auxiliary circuit)

Provisions for Optional Features:

  • Pressure gauge connection – easy to read vertical orientation
  • Pressure transducer connection (G1/4 for HM20)
  • Pressure switch connection
  • Pressure relief valve cavity - adjustment from the front
  • Check valve cavity

Unique Selling Points:

  • Eliminates line mounted components for a cleaner circuit with less plumbing, reducing the amount of space required on the tank top
  • Allows for "in-the-field" addition of a pressure line check valve or relief valve (if not ordered initially)
  • If no relief valve is selected, a steel cavity plug is automatically applied

Pressure Check Block
Pressure Relief Valves

Line Mounted: Direct operated, 0-4600PSI settable pressure range, SAE threaded ports.

Manifold Mounted: 0-5000PSI settable range.

Check Valve


  • Mounted in pressure/check block
  • 90° cartridge design
  • 1 Bar spring
  • Sizes: 15, 20, 25, 30
  • NBR seals
Pressure Gauge

Single 2-1/2" gauge in the pressure line, scales ranging between 1000-5000 PSI, lower mount SAE #4 male connection, dual scale PSI/BAR.

Pressure Transducer


  • Pressure ranges: 100, 250, 315 Bar
  • Current & voltage output
  • M12x1, 4 pole electrical connection
  • G1/4 male hydraulic connection
Pressure Switch

Line mounted, piston type switch, set screw adjustment with protective cap, SAE-6 threaded port, available in pressure stages 725, 1500, 3000, 5000 PSI.

Level Instruments

Level Gauge: 127, 254, & 305 mm, buna seals, aluminum housing, thermometer built in tube, with optional level switch N/C, opening with falling fluid level. Set screw adjustment with protective cap, w/o scale.

Fixed Setting Single Switch: Sizes: 178, 229, 279, 356mm (distance from lid to switch point), N/O, closing with falling fluid level.

Adjustable Double Switch: Sizes: 370, 500mm, N/O, closing with falling fluid level.

Temperature Instruments

Single/Double Switches: 0-80˚C settable range, accuracy: +/-3˚C, electrical connection: PG fitting.

Temp Probe, RTD: Temp range: -60 to 500˚C, ½ NPT mounting thread, 4 – 20mA transmitter, RTD mounted inside ¾ NPT brass (ASTM B-16) thermo well.

Tank Heaters

Direct Immersion: Power: 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2kW, voltages: 120, 240, 480, 600VAC, enclosure: NEMA 1, thermostat not included, single phase power.

Indirect Immersion: Power: 1, 2kW, voltages: 240, 480, 600VAC, enclosure: NEMA 4, thermostat not included, single phase power, carbon steel pipe well included.


Air: HP removed: 30% for conventional & 50% for proportional systems, supply voltage matched to prime mover or other, temp switch included, 29 PSI bypass, 12 & 24VDC available w/integrated variable fan speed controller.

Water (Shell & Tube Design): HP removed: 30% for conventional & 50% for proportional systems, 4:1 & 2:1 water to oil ratios, bypass, SAE oil connections, NPT water connections.

Rear Motor Mount Cooler: Case drain cooling for variable pump systems and return line cooling for fixed pump systems. Sized according to motor frame. Incudes a flexible gasket between motor and radiator. Available with bypass.

Return Filters

In-Tank 10TEN…(DIN24550): Pressure: 145 PSI, sizes: 40, 63, 100…1000, 10 micron filter rating, 32 PSI bypass, optical & electrical clogging indicators.

Pressure Filters

245LEN…(DIN24550): Up to 3500 PSI, sizes: 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400, 10 micron filter rating, low collapse element (∆P=435PSI) with 102PSI bypass, optical & electrical clogging indicators.

350LEN…(DIN24550): Up to 5000 PSI, sizes: 40, 63, 100, 160, 250, 400, 630, 1000, 10 micron filter rating, low collapse element (∆P=435PSI) with 102PSI bypass, optical & electrical clogging indicators.

245LE & 350LE (Rexroth Std): Sizes: 130, 150, features same as 245 & 345 LEN respectively.


FEF1P10-F00: Filler/breather consisting of 500µm screen basket and cap removable via bayonet lock as breather with internal 10µm paper element.

Drain Valve

Low pressure aluminum ball valve, 400PSI max, SAE-12 threaded connection, lockable handle, brass ball and spindle, CSA & UL approved, can be used for tank filling via offline filter cart and/or draining.

Spare Return(s)

Forged carbon steel bulkhead union fitting with 37° flare and lock nut, #6 through #24 JIC connection options, tube ends SAE standard #070601, can also be used for tank filling via offline filter cart.  Up to three spare return connections available.

Surface Coatings

Powdercoat (Black):

  • Standard, most effective, lowest cost option
  • Only the fabricated items are coated (i.e. reservoir, brackets, driptray)
  • Original factory painted components left as is
  • Certain bare metal surfaces get corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly, transparent coating (e.g. A10 pump housing, bellhousing, etc.)

Painted Enamel: Primed and painted with RAL5010 Gential Blue as top coat.

Painted Epoxy: Primed and painted with RAL5010 Gential Blue as top coat

• Other colors available upon request (extra charges apply)

Primer Only

Mounting Options

Mounting Plate: Becomes part of the reservoir fabrication when selected as an option, provides 2-bolt, 5/8” UNC threaded connections, available at four locations.

Push Handle: Bolts onto mounting plate, bent tube construction, powdercoated black, recommended for use with casters.

Drip Tray & Forklift Bracket

1.5” Depth or 110% Containment Drip Trays: Carbon steel construction,
powdercoated black, SAE-12 plugged drain port.

Forklift Bracket: Carbon steel construction, powdercoated black.


300, 600, 1300lbs weight capacity, 5” swivel wheel with lock.