Linear Sets with Standard Linear Bushings

  • Linear Sets with cast iron/steel/aluminum housing
  • Thanks to its material and wall thickness, precision housings offer extreme rigidity regardless of load direction, even under full load.
  • The housings can be aligned with ease during assembly to prevent distortive stress on the Linear Bushing.
  • This high precision guarantees the functional reliability of our Linear Bushings and allows these units to be fully interchangeable with each other.
  • Since the housings are manufactured in large quantities, the user saves significant costs over in-house designs while maintaining quality.

Additional information

Linear Sets are complete bearing units consisting of a housing with one or two Rexroth Linear Bushings. Numerous versions are available. Thanks to efficient manufacturing, Linear Sets offer users significant cost benefits over in-house designs. The housings can be easily aligned during installation to prevent distortive stress on the Linear Bushings.

  • Precision housing (lamellar graphite cast iron/steel)
  • Standard Linear Bushing with wiper seals
  • Secured with locating screw
  • Flanged housing (lamellar graphite cast iron)
  • Standard Linear Bushing with wiper seals
  • Two retaining rings with two additional spacer rings (steel) for shaft diameters 12 to 40
  • Radial clearance not adjustable

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