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Integrated Measuring System (IMS)

Rexroth’s Integrated Measuring System (IMS) is a linear encoder that can be seamlessly integrated into our profiled rail systems (ball or roller), providing exact linear positioning feedback. This allows for precise positioning of the workpiece or tool, an essential factor in manufacturing productivity and efficiency. IMS from Rexroth is simply the easiest linear encoder to integrate, install, and use.


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  • Why IMS - Key Benefits
    IMS - Key Benefits

    Key Benefits:

    • Time savings: Eliminates installation and tuning of an external scale
    • Smaller footprint- OEM can make smaller machines, users can consume less floor space
    • Service items eliminated
    • Resists contamination- less degradation of operation (accuracy), longer life-cycle
    • Non-contact measuring method reduces wear and performs better in contaminated environments
    • Measuring method not sensitive to magnets which can decrease accuracy
    • Cost savings in total operating costs (TOC) - IMS can be replaced independently of the runner block
    • Improves the reliability of a safe system

    Additional IMS-A Benefits

    • No adverse effects of a power outage where the machine returning to home could cause injury or damage
    • More operational and productive time because the need to return to home is eliminated
    • No battery backup required
  • View Applications/Markets
    Integrated Measuring System (IMS)


    • Turning, Milling, Boring and traditional cutting machines
    • Laser cutting machines
    • Machines with existing profiled rail systems and applications requiring high precision
    • Drilling, tapping or other location machining requiring accuracy
    • Pressing operations - as correction for RAM guidance
    • New technologies/machines – Additive manufacturing, 3D printing, digital printing, printed electronics
    • Any linear motor driven access with no rotary position or interpolation requiring accurate positioning

    Ideal For:

    • Machine Builders
    • Machine Re-builders
    • Retrofits
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • 3D Printing
    • Printed Electronics
    • Metrology and Testing
  • Find Notable Features
    IMS - Notable Features

    Notable Features:

    • IMS: External scales are eliminated
    • IMS: Rotary positioning/encoders may be eliminated in some applications
    • IMS: IP67 - Ingress Protection level 67
    • IMS: Inductive measuring principle - without using light, physical contact, or magnets
    • IMS: Sensor is modular to runner block - replaceable separately
    • IMS-A: Precise position is known exactly and immediately after system startup
    • IMS-A: Inductive vs magnetic method eliminates need for battery backup