Hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls

  • Available for A4VSO and A4VSG
  • Pressure and flow control
  • Remote controlled optional
  • Pressure controller for parallel operation optional
  • Mechanical Vg min and Vg max limitation
  • Available for A4VSO and A4VBO
  • Precise control in accordance with the hyperbolic characteristic curve, provides an optimum utilization of available power
  • The beginning of control is mechanically adjustable
  • Additional functions in the modular system for pressure control, fixed setting and remotely controllable, flow control, hydraulic or mechanical stroke limiter
  • Available for A4VSO, A4VSG and A4CSG
  • Control is pilot-pressure related
  • Different pilot-pressure ranges available
  • Power control, pressure control and electrical pilot pressure supply optional
  • Standard spring-centering of the stroking cylinder
  • Available for A4VSG and A4CSG
  • Electro-proportional control by a current signal
  • High control accuracy
  • Resets to neutral position in the event of a signal failure
  • With manual override

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