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New-generation electric drives allow stretch blowmolding equipment manufacturer to reduce machine design complexity and improve its motion control capabilities


Building heavy-duty machines to produce mass quantities of everyday packaging necessities like plastic bottles around the clock is a job bestsuited for a rather elite group of companies in the global packaging machinery business. And it’s a group where Canadian technical and engineering skills are widely renowned and celebrated far more than the average Canadians know—thanks to W. Amsler Equipment Inc. of Richmond Hill, Ont.

Founded in 1994 by Werner Amsler, the family-owned company has consistently displayed a remarkable knack for making high-quality stretch blowmolding equipment over the years, which has earned it a very special place and plenty of respect in the market traditionally dominated by large overseas manufacturers of far greater size.

To compete in this highly competitive marketplace, Amsler’s Richmond Hill operation boasts a wealth of technological prowess and expertise driving the daily design and manufacturing excellence packed into every high-speed blowmolder and other related machines assembled there.

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