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To many it is technology driven: performance pure and simple—"faster, higher, more powerful." To others, innovation is about practical problem solving: Using the right technology for a design focused on pure functionality, to complete a task with the fewest possible resources. Rexroth knows that the right solution comes only from an appreciation of both of these meanings. That’s how we create the innovative components, systems and services you need: Remembering that it is about helping you solve the problems you face every day—locally, and on a global scale.

At Rexroth, our regional teams work in close collaboration with their international colleagues. This unique combination of customer inputs and ideas within a global/local development network results in innovations that help our customers reach the top of their industries every day, all over the world. Peruse our innovations brochure for examples of these innovations from our mobile and industrial hydraulics, electric drives and controls, linear motion and assembly techonologies product families.

We are the Drive & Control Company, but more importantly we are a resource you can call on to help you address all of your challenges, big and small.

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