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Electromechanical cylinders EMC

Electromechanical cylinders EMC

Exact control of complex processes

 Self-contained servo-hydraulic axis SHA

Self-contained servo-hydraulic axis SHA

Simple solution for heavy loads.

Self-contained axes with mechanical or hydraulic gearboxes are compelling for many reasons:

They are space-saving and low-maintenance, can be precisely controlled, simplify the engineering and can be ordered completely ready to install.

We offer a tailor-made portfolio of electromechanical and servo-hydraulic axes with a standardized electrical drive, engineering and control concept.

Self-contained axes in a complete system (PDF)

Our electro mechanical cylinders and self-contained actuators – direct comparison

The selection of the right technology for a self-contained linear drive is based primarily on the required performance characteristics, such as load, dynamics and distance, but other factors, such as desired service life, temperature range, protection class and the required degree of controllability, should also be considered.

Self-contained axes in direct comparison (PDF)

The way to the right actuator concept (PDF)


Benefits of electromechanical cylinders

Electromechanical cylinders EMC

The advantages:

  • Exact control of complex processes, synchronous drive of multiple axes
  • Hygienic design (for food, chemistry and pharmaceutical applications)
  • Optimized lubrication concept with optional connection to central lubrication unit
  • Selection-tool LinSelect

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Self-contained linear axes

Servo-hydraulic axes SHA

The advantages:

  • Simple solution for heavy loads
  • Operation in aggressive environ-mental conditions / hazardous areas
  • Design flexibility due to compact and distributed construction
  • Minimum hydraulic know-how required
  • Optional energy management
  • Engineering and simulation tools (e.g. SytronixSize and Simster)

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