Unlock the future graphic
Unlock the future graphic
Hannover Messe

Unlock the future

“Let’s create the industry of tomorrow” is the theme for this year’s Hannover Messe. On our stand, we’ll be presenting many of our innovative solutions for the factory of the future and mobile applications with a focus on three key areas: sustainability, software and service. Find out how these solutions can benefit your business and help you to unlock the future.


Fighting climate change and protecting our planet is the challenge of our generation. At Bosch Rexroth, we see green technologies as an opportunity for businesses, not only to contribute to resolving the climate crisis, but to grow and become more successful. We can help you to reduce your carbon footprint with electrification and energy-efficient solutions. Join us on our journey to more sustainable technologies for factory automation and mobile machines and unlock sustainability in all dimensions.

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Reduce your carbon footprint – over the whole value chain: Every step in the production process has the potential to be more energy-efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

Transform to climate neutrality – by getting electrified: Our new eLION portfolio enables the electrification and replacement of combustion engines for locally emission-free mobile machines.

Shift to circular economy – together with us: Reusable automation components for new manufacturing tasks save money and resources.

Leverage green business – in all industries: Solutions for renewable energies, green hydrogen and carbon capture utilization and storage.

Master decarbonization – with AIoT: Intelligent energy management systems connected with cloud application take your energy efficiency to the next level.

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When it comes to designing new machine concepts and operating production lines efficiently, software is the most important and mightiest tool. We’ve been shifting functions from hardware to software in all our automation technologies for decades. Most importantly, we believe in open ecosystems with interoperability and connectivity, so now you can unlock potential with software.

Increase workability – with user-friendly apps: PLC coding is no longer necessary. Use the smartphone approach and simply combine apps that you can download from ctrlX World or generate them yourself.

Optimize safety and maintenance – with web-based monitoring: Get all the information about the operation of your machines and automation stations in one easy-to-use cockpit.

Avoid vendor dependency – with open-standard programming: Enjoy the freedom of an open industrial ecosystem with millions of specialists ready to build your functions.

Reduce engineering time – with digital twins: Merge the real world and the virtual world with digital twins that enable you to design your machines in a shorter timeframe.

Update software remotely – with over-the-air data transfer: Download security and functional updates via the internet to maximize productivity.


Unlock continuity with service – the original. Rexroth Service saves you money and ensures your productivity levels are at their highest. In short, you’ll get the maximum out of your machinery over the complete life cycle of your installations.

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Keep your machines running – with scheduled maintenance: Regular checks are a no-brainer for your car to avoid costly surprises. This is even more true for your machinery.

Get fast support – from our global network: As well as having a presence in more than 80 countries, we also have spare-part hubs and service specialists in your neighborhood to minimize your downtime.

Reduce operation costs – with tailored service contracts: Your requirements are unique, so our individual service contracts are too, in order to maximize your uptime.

Maximize performance – by having spare parts available: We support you with digital assistants to identify the right parts, regional spare-part hubs and the fastest reaction times.

Extend machine lifetime – retrofit, REMAN and upgrade: Now your machinery can have a second life. We can modernize it and make it state-of-the-art, saving you money and benefiting the environment.