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Milestones in linear motion technology

Anyone who spends 30 years getting from A to B...

…will travel a long way.

Milestones of linear axes

Admittedly, the linear axes used by our customers have moved a lot over the last 30 years. With over 10 billion kilometers of linear movements in the field, we’ve achieved a lot and have the necessary application experience in a wide range of sectors. Choose Bosch Rexroth and enjoy innovation, quality and application expertise in the field of linear motion technology. It’s worth it – now and in the future!


Quantum leap: Expanding the traditional linear axes range (linear motion slides, transfer tables) through the use of high-precision ball rail systems in the innovative linear axes ball rail tables and linear modules.


  • Increased power and a reduced footprint

  • Much greater precision

  • Longer service life


Next quantum leap: Carriages with integrated runner block along with the introduction of the new “compact module” product range as an absolute innovation on the market.


  • Even greater power and an even smaller footprint


Innovative drive technology: The first ball rail tables with the group’s own linear motor drive.


  • High dynamics

  • High rigidity and drive precision


Introducing the first standardized multi-axis systems on the market.


  • Ready to run, completely assembled and pre-parametrized

  • The first available online selection tools


Electromechanical cylinder for new applications, e.g. force-displacement processes in production, laboratory and test stand systems.


  • Costly pneumatic solutions can be substituted

  • High energy efficiency and power density

  • Servo-controlled positioning applications


Complete online configurators for all linear axes.


  • 3D data at the push of a button

  • Complete e-shop link


Intuitive selection and dimensioning with the LinSelect eTool.


  • Find the optimum linear axis with just a few mouse clicks


Launch of the integrated measuring system which was developed in-house and is integrated into the linear modules.


  • Low susceptibility to interference

  • Low commissioning outlay

  • Assembly and the adjustment of external measuring systems are no longer needed, thus saving time and money


Gateway to smart automation solutions: Presenting the first Smart Function Kit for joining and pressing applications at Hannover Messe.


  • Easy product selection and configuration

  • Plug & Produce

  • Zero Programming

Outlook: Smart mechatronic solution packages

Outlook: Smart mechatronic solution packages

From pole position to the future

At the moment, we’re expanding our best-in-class linear motion technology components to include sensors, electronics and software. This will result in completely new solution approaches and business models for the Factory of the Future. You’ll benefit from a

  • shorter time to market thanks to plug and produce and zero programming
  • maximum productivity thanks to status monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • a high level of flexibility thanks to modular, versatile and retrofittable systems allowing you to use components while conserving resources
Smart MechatroniX
Smart MechatroniX