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LogiMAT 2022 – May 31 to June 02, 2022 – Hall 2 Booth B21.

LogiMAT 2022


Shape the "Factory of the Future" together with us.

We offer solutions ranging from autonomous material supply and human-/robot collaboration right through to goods tracking for your end product.

We can react flexibly and easily to changes in your logistics processes using appropriate software tools. We can track and manage processes and value streams at any time. And all this with less hardware and installation effort as well as significantly reduced software installations!

We Move - You Win.

Visit us at LogiMAT 2022, Hall 2 Booth B21

LogiMAT 2022




Automomous mobile robot Active Shuttle from Bosch Rexroth lifts up a dolly with 4 small load carriers

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) ActiveShuttle is already making entry into the factory of the future!

The Factory of the Future is completely flexible and connected – AMRs fit perfectly into this type of environment, delivering goods to the point of need, exactly where and when they’re needed. There’s an increasing demand for multi-variant and small batch production, and ActiveShuttle helps to solve this challenge, making intralogistics processes flexible but without having to change factory infrastructure.


ctrlX AUTOMATION – Two Steps Ahead

Lean manufacturing is an important competitive factor for manufacturing companies. The aim is to streamline processes in order to act faster and more flexibly and thus achieve greater profitability. The automation system ctrlX AUTOMATION meets this core requirements of intralogistics particularly in terms of efficiency and compactness.

With ctrlX AUTOMATION, Bosch Rexroth surmounts the boundaries between machine control, IT, and the Internet of Things. With the Linux real-time operating system, open standards, app technology, web-based engineering and comprehensive IoT connectivity, ctrlX AUTOMATION reduces component and engineering effort by 30 to 50%.

The open and flexible system enables the combination of existing and new product lines. The cabinet-free drive technology IndraDrive Mi combined with the ctrlX AUTOMATION portfolio offers the perfect solution package for use in intralogistics, e.g. in storage and retrieval systems or mobile transport systems.


Level Up Your Mobile Robots. ROKIT – The Robotics Kit by Bosch Rexroth

With its robotics kit ROKIT, Bosch Rexroth unlocks new possibilities in the field of mobile and service robotics. The modular kit consisting of individual, coordinated and proven software and hardware components gives you the highest degree of freedom you need in the course of automating processes. The components – ROKIT aXessor, ROKIT Locator, ROKIT Navigator and ROKIT Motor – provide you with a graphical user interface and take care of positioning, navigation and motion execution for you. Supporting, product-specific services round off the user-focused portfolio.



Automate Your Order Picking. Smart Item Picking by Bosch Rexroth

Today order picking in intralogistics, e.g. in warehouses, fulfillment centers, production or spare parts warehouses is mostly done manually. Labour shortage, ergonomic requirements and a growing proportion of e-commerce require automated solutions.

With Smart Item Picking, Bosch Rexroth offers the automation of manual picking tasks and processes in intralogistics. The innovative software and hardware components for automated order picking make it possible to flexibly detect, pick and place a wide variety of objects.


Industrial robots picks up a wide variety of items from five source bins by using a suction gripper and places them on a conveyor belt.
Track and Trace

Track and Trace, Transport Management

Track and Trace from Bosch is a smart tracking solution that provides up-to-date information on the position and load status of shipping assets such as load carriers, truck trailers/semi-trailers, locomotives, railroad engines and cars, and ocean freight containers.

Track and Trace helps logistics planners, material planners, logistics managers, and other logistics partners to digitally track materials and assets throughout the entire supply chain. This creates unparalleled transparency and offers numerous benefits for all the companies involved:

  • Avoids unnecessary investsments in laod carriers
  • Makes planning more reliable
  • Ensures materials keep flowing
  • Reduces time spent on searching, booking, and inventorying
  • Saves time and costs

The data acquired in this process provides the basis for additional digital services such as analytics functionalities. This data can be channeled into customer systems (such as ERP, SAP, WMS, TMS, etc.) to create a link between planning and real-time data. Input of the data can be carried out in real time or via an interface (ODS).

Smart and safe services for your logistics

eLION: Start your electrical transformation with the new Rexroth eLion platform.

eOC: Shifting complexity from hardware to software makes mobile working machines even more flexible and productive.

BODAS: Bosch Rexroth offers a complete telematics solution – from the data source, hardware and software to diagnostics services and over-the-air updates for Rexroth controllers.

Smart and safe services for your logistics
Multi Camera System

Multi Camera System

This year Bosch presents the camera based collision warning function for the 1st time. The collision warning function is using the Bosch multi-camera-system as basis, that was introduced on last years LogiMAT. The collision warning function is currently in development and will fundamentally expand the sight assist system.

The Bosch sight assist monitors the areas in front of, behind and to the sides of the forklift, providing a 360-degree surround view. By glancing at the display, the driver can see exactly how much space he has to maneuver. In addition, the lane of the forklift can be shown in the display image depending on the steering angle. The Bosch sight assist comes with a user friendly application concept that makes it possible for you to adapt the system to different vehicle variants with a software tool.