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DC/814 United Kingdom, 2018-05-23


Bosch Rexroth, the global leader in industrial hydraulics, has launched its new WRC-4X directional cartridge valve, combining network integration with the largest flow levels available.

The new dynamic valve consistently achieves flows that could previously only be achieved by the next-largest available size. This means in a lot of cases, a saving of size and weight. Meanwhile, integrated electronics enable networking via open interfaces with higher-level control units and connected environments, even when under analogue control – so valves can be integrated into new, future-focused automation concepts.

Designing new valve blocks for applications with high flow and dynamics requirements, such as presses, die casting and injection moulding machines, the team at Bosch Rexroth analysed flow and strength calculations to enable the differently sized valves to achieve unprecedentedly high flow levels. Step response times have also been reduced, starting at under 10 milliseconds. As a result, manufacturers can meet the same performance and productivity requirements with a smaller valve size – or achieve even greater results with the same footprint.

The WRC-4X can be digitally or analogue controlled, and On Board Electronics (OBE) enables seamless integration into digital networked automation applications. Its multi-Ethernet interface supports all conventional real-time protocols, while Open Core Interface (OCI) for Drives opens up communication with a wide range of programs.

Jake Mitchell, Hydraulics Product Manager, at Bosch Rexroth, said of the WRC-4X launch: “With this next-generation valve, we’ve not only raised the bar for flow and dynamics performance. We’ve also closed the gap between hydraulic actuators and IT and cloud-based applications. So, now, manufacturers can easily integrate these valves into condition monitoring systems today and increase future availability through predictive maintenance in an Industry 4.0 environment.”

The WRC-4X is immediately available in sizes 32, 40 and 50, and covers flows of up to 2,700 l/min. It is simply configured via setup wizards, while the IndraWorks Ds engineering environment can guide operators through the process.


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