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PI 098/11 2012-11-02

Hitch Control Operated The Easy Way

Hitch Control Operated The Easy Way

Simplified EHR electrohydraulic hitch control operation makes life easier for the operator.

With AHC Automatic Hitch Control Rexroth provides a new software module for their proven EHR Electrohydraulic Hitch Control. When AHC is activated the operator no longer needs to manually adjust the EHR to changing ground conditions while performing field work. The optional AHC efficiently relieves the operator by automatically controlling the position and force based on the various conditions. AHC can be used for all cultivating equipment. The operator simply selects the required depth and AHC dynamically controls the other settings. AHC assures optimal work results in ground cultivation and increases productivity regardless of ground conditions or which attachment is used.

Tractor operators can decide whether they want to work in manual or automatic mode: the system can be activated by the press of a button or via CAN-bus. The CAN-bus connection offers a flexible interface for integration into the respective operating concept of the tractor, for example activation via a touchscreen. In addition, the newly designed EHR control panel allows the AHC function to be activated using a special potentiometer setting. Noadditional cabling is required.

The AHC dynamic response is based on adaptive algorithms plus sensors which are used to continually monitor the height of the hitch and the force in the downlink. Achieving perfect plowing characteristics requires the correct combination: AHC controls this relationship between position and force by automatically monitoring the sensor signals from the hitch, taking into account the respective conditions. The driver needs no special knowledge, but rather leaves finding the right mix control to the AHC. The Automatic Hitch Control can be combined with all the well known EHR functions such as vibration damping, traction control or systems diagnostics just as with the doubleacting EHR.


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