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PI 100/11 2012-01-20

Straight Forward Change Over to Electrohydraulics

Straight Forward Change Over to Electrohydraulics

Rexroth's TVC is a package solution ready for immediate use. Tractor manufacturers thus save time and money developing their own expensive software solution.

The high efficiency of modern tractors is based above all on intelligent electronics. The related expense encountered by tractor manufacturers for the development of electronics and software is however substantial.

With Tractor Valve Control (TVC), Rexroth is now presenting a ready-to use software package that allows manufacturers to simply and costefficiently integrate electrically controlled valves into their systems.

TVC is supplied as a ready-to-use, easily installed plug-&-play solution, including the controller. It assumes the job of reliably controlling electro-hydraulic valves and can be used in tractors with fixed and variable pumps.

TVC can control up to six electro-hydraulic auxiliary directional valves such as the SB23 and SB33 EHS1. Tractor manufacturers can quickly and easily integrate the standard package into their hydraulic concept without having to invest time in their own development. The advanced software thus makes it easier, especially for smaller manufacturers, to change over to using electrohydraulic valves, with the related benefits for the end user. The practical and intuitive TVC operating philosophy allows the oil flow through the directional valves to be precisely adjusted and limited. TVC's convenient operation and sensitive control thus makes the job of the tractor driver much easier.

The optimum TVC software version is determined by the number of valves employed and by the type of pump. The parameter settings are made beforehand at the production plant. Further functions such as electrohydraulic hitch control and gearbox functions can be integrated on request, reducing installation complexity, installation space and costs even further.


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