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DC619 2012-11-02

Bosch Rexroth Cyclone Hydraulic Oil Tanks Are Space Savers

Bosch Rexroth Cyclone Hydraulic Oil Tanks Are Space Savers

Cyclone Hydraulic Oil Tank

Featuring a robust design that has been specifically developed for on-vehicle rail applications, Bosch Rexroth’s new steel cyclone tanks not only occupy far less space than their traditional plastic counterparts, but they also embody an innovative design that means efficient and reliable operation of hydrostatic fan or alternator drive systems can be achieved with much smaller volumes of oil.

Fabricated from 3mm steel, the new tanks have a two-layer corrosion-resistant coating to ensure durability in even the most demanding of operating conditions. They are approved for use on many of Europe’s rail networks and, as well as standard versions.

The high flow rates associated with modern hydrostatic systems frequently means that the oil used becomes aerated. The conventional solution is to employ a large reservoir tank that allows the oil to de-aerate by circulating slowly. Tanks of this type occupy valuable space on the vehicle, however, and the arrangement only works efficiently if a large volume of oil is available.

The cyclonic internal configuration of the new Rexroth tanks eliminates these problems by directing the oil along a helical path, which provides faster and much more effective de-aeration. This means that smaller tanks and less oil can be used.

Standard cyclone tanks from Rexroth have a total volume of 28 litres, a fill volume of 21.5 litres and are just 354mm in diameter by 376mm high. They are suitable for use at flow rates up to 250 l/min and pressures up to 2.5 bar, and they have an operating temperature range of -30ºC to +90ºC. Smaller tanks are available in polymer (6 litre) and steel (8 litre) to suit smaller applications. The tanks have an integral breather and are fitted with a visual oil level indicator as well as a level sensor that can be used to initiate automatic shutdown of the hydrostatic installation in the event of oil loss.


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