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BR8038 2012-11-02

Retrofit and modernisation services from Bosch Rexroth deliver peace of mind

Retrofit and modernisation services from Bosch Rexroth deliver peace of mind

Rexroth’s retrofit and modernisation service can deliver anything from a basic kit of parts to a fully engineered turnkey electrical and mechanical solution

Retofit and modernisation services from Bosch Rexroth deliver peace of mind

Meeting the need for guaranteed availability and serviceability

Electric drives and controls retrofitting and modernisation services from Bosch Rexroth offer end users a cost-effective opportunity to improve their process using the latest technology, or to mitigate their risks of a critical failure, guarding against downtime and providing peace of mind.

Encompassing both hardware and software, Rexroth’s retrofitting and modernisation of electric drives and controls systems answers industry’s continued need for improvement, without the need for capital expenditure on new machinery. The benefits of using Rexroth’s engineering expertise are: improved productivity through faster process times, reduced changeover times and enhanced accuracy; reduced downtime due to guaranteed serviceability and vastly improved diagnostic information and greater functionality with standard system interfaces, simple programming and remote access.

Retrofitting older equipment with the latest, equally compatible products from Rexroth is a simple and straightforward way to improve the performance of a machine. Working with an engineer to get the best advice and to keep the changeover time as short as possible, standardised kits that include all the equipment required for a direct exchange are used. These kits require very little engineering time and knowledge from the end user to retrofit the solution.

An example of a typical retrofit scenario was seen recently by Rexroth with a single axis roll feed drive and control replacement. The end user was able to replace an obsolete HMI (Human Machine Interface) and a drive and control unit with a pre-configured solution, optimised for applications requiring the controlled feed of metal, foil etc through shears, presses and thermo formers.

In terms of plant modernisation Rexroth has the expertise to guide and assist an end user all the way through from system evaluation to the declaration of conformity with solutions that encompass an unmatched portfolio of technologies (hydraulics, pneumatics, safety controls, conveying, mechanics) across any industry and an infrastructure that is truly global. Rexroth provides a single point of contact giving up front, expert, technology-specific consultancy and then managing the solution through to installation and commissioning.

As Andy Ryder, sales application engineer, Rexroth says, “Plant modernisation is something which end users are becoming increasingly interested in. In most cases modernising the system can be a simple task but the benefits, should there be a failure, in terms of equipment availability and reduced downtime can be huge given the nature of penalty clauses that are now in use.”

An example of a modernisation project recently undertaken by Rexroth was the upgrade of a wood working process line including electrical and mechanical work and a process re-design. The project, fairly typical of a large system upgrade, involved: a technical survey and analysis; the creation of machine specification and performance criteria; full costing and quotes; project management; electrical and mechanical modification; engineering and software development; commissioning; system specific training; documentation and a declaration of conformity.

The benefits of engaging with Rexroth’s modernisation and retrofitting services are numerous. Firstly, vastly improved productivity which may even positively impact on energy efficiency. Secondly, the reduction of risks concerning critical failure and associated downtime. Finally, the financial benefits generated without large capital outlay.


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