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DC714 United Kingdom, 2015-03-17

Linear Motion Designer 2 1

The Linear Motion Designer 2.1 from Rexroth allows users to design and optimise linear motion systems to suit the task at hand.

Bosch Rexroth has announced that developments in its Linear Motion Designer 2.1 will make it easier to quickly and effectively design tailored assembly and production lines.

One of the key developments in the free to use program, is that it’s now much easier to design profiled rail systems and screw drives independently.

Likewise, process data such as dynamics, masses and forces, only need to be entered once, with users able to configure and compare a range of variants in order to design a solution that’s optimised for the specific application, both technically and economically.

The design program calculates a range of variants with one or several profiled rail systems and runner blocks as well as screw drives. The software also performs an automatic shift calculation for solutions with two guide rails.

Additional process parameters, such as heat balance in planetary screw drives, displays, and pause times are also taken into account.

Speaking about the latest developments, Paul Edmonds, Product Manager Linear Systems from Bosch Rexroth, said: “This is our most sophisticated linear motion design tool to date. With these latest updates, we’ve made it easier and quicker than ever before to design a comprehensive linear motion system that takes into account the specific requirements of an application and can be adapted as and when needed.

“As well as making the tool free to use, we have a dedicated team available for on-site training.”

Thanks to the integrated function for entering lateral accelerations, users can also design multi-axis profiled rail systems for up to three axes.

An automatic deduction factor provides additional security in short stroke applications.

Similarly, because users are able to define dynamic defaults over a flexible cycle comprising times and distances, requirements are modelled realistically.

The program generates a visualisation during calculation, which can then be converted to a format that matches customer-specific coordinate systems.

Once the software has been downloaded, the new update function ensures that the program and the integrated database are automatically updated. This covers Rexroth's entire range of roller, ball and miniature rail systems as well as its ball and planetary screw drives.

The Linear Motion Designer 2.1 is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

In addition to detailed training courses provided by the Drive & Control Academy, Rexroth sales employees offer an on-site introduction to the program.



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