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PI 028-15 United Kingdom, 2015-07-22

Easily configured and quick to deliver

More variants and a faster design and procurement process that's what manufacturers of mobile working machines can expect from the configurator for load sensing valves of the M4 family from Rexroth.

Rexroth launches a new version of the M4 Configurator for M4 load sensing valves

  • Expanded preferred program with delivery within three weeks
  • Significantly expanded portfolio of possible variants
  • Direct connectivity to the Rexroth eShop

Ever shorter innovation cycles in machine building have made the desire for faster product development process a constant companion in development departments. With the revised version of the online configurator for M4 load sensing valves, Bosch Rexroth helps manufacturers of mobile machinery in this regard in two ways: On the one hand the tool, which is easy and intuitive to operate, makes it quick and easy to master the enormous variety of the flexible valve family and immediately provides necessary design documents. On the other hand, the M4 configurator now provides an expanded preferred program and an eShop connection, which makes the procurement process significantly faster and easier.

Their great versatility and technical features in terms of precision, sensitivity and safety make the "all-rounder" control blocks M4-12 and M4-15 desirable and reliable components for a variety of mobile working machines and their functions. This includes the sensitive boom control in knuckle boom cranes, concrete machines and emergency sky lifts, as well as the use in open-circuit travel drives, drilling equipment, or forestry machines. The number of possible configurations for an M4 control block is correspondingly large.

In order for developers and designers to keep track and quickly come to each individual required solution, Rexroth has put a new version of the M4 configurator online. The revised tool now represents a significantly expanded portfolio. A guided selection process opens up a corresponding number of variants on the basis of the required criteria and options (e.g. mono block input, aluminum-free, type of actuation or end plate).

As soon as a configuration is complete, comprehensive documentation including a schematic, dimensional drawings and 3D models becomes available. These can be immediately incorporated into the design process of the machine manufacturer. Registered users can also return at any time to previously saved projects and adapt them very quickly if necessary in order to save even more time.

The clearly marked preferred program for small quantities, e.g. for prototype development, was expanded and improved: orders in Europe and North America are shipped within three weeks. Thanks to the direct connection to the Rexroth eShop, the ordering process itself saves valuable time.


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