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DC/706 United Kingdom, 2015-11-18

Latest modular conveyor system offers simplified design and installation and near-silent operation

The VarioFlow Plus modular conveyor system can be fully adapted to meet manufacturers’ changing needs

Designed to meet the demands of modern production, the new modular system is fully adaptable and quick and easy to install to better help manufacturers accommodate the need for smaller product batches, more frequent product changes, and reduce time to market.

Utilising improved sliding characteristics and low friction materials, the new conveyor system is the quietest on the market. In addition, fewer joints and less rolling friction in the curves minimises wear, reduces energy consumption, increases efficiency and reduces the potential for downtime.

To simplify the planning and specification of production lines, Bosch Rexroth provides MTpro planning software with Layout Designer. This allows machine builders and end-users to easily design complex multi-conveyor and workstation systems with clear component specifications in a cross-platform CAD format. MTpro provides load calculation reports of the designed conveyors and also provides anthropometric information for ergonomic consideration where operators interact with workplace solutions.

Speaking about the latest addition to the VarioFlow range Jonathan Wright, Product Manager for Conveyor Technologies at Bosch Rexroth said:

“With VarioFlow Plus we’re using latest production-line technologies and Bosch Rexroth patented solutions to create a system that’s easy to install and fully adaptable for future modifications.

By ensuring that it is also the quietest conveyor on the market we’re aiming to improve the production environment, as well as helping manufacturers meet increasingly stringent noise level regulations.“

The Rexroth VarioFlow Plus chain conveyor consists of components that can be used universally for all system widths, including the new track width of 120 mm. The stable chain permits tensile forces of up to 1,250 Newtons and the near-closed chain surface allows even the smallest of parts to be transported safely and reliably.

The system offers individual conveyor layouts and comes in six sizes and two material options: a basic aluminium version and an FDA compliant stainless steel version for sectors that require high hygiene demands, such as food processing.

Bosch Rexroth also offers a work-piece pallet system for the Varioflow Plus, enabling the system to be configured for transporting components in a product assembly environment. Various traffic control elements allow for the pallets to be held accurately at build stations and directed to and from individual conveyor tracks.

Further details on the VarioFlow Plus chain conveyor system from Bosch Rexroth can be found at www.boschrexroth.co.uk or by calling 0800 169 6624.


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