Technology Showcase; Now. Next. Beyond.


Come and experience connected engineering with interactive exhibits, live demos, industry discussions and Q&A sessions with industry experts. Network with other stakeholders over lunch, discuss future challenges and opportunities, talk to experts at The MTC or at Bosch Rexroth (Wakefield) and discover the trends for today's technology, what's available tomorrow and what's coming.

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The MTC, Coventry

Tuesday 12th June 2018

Established in 2010 as an independent Research & Technology Organisation, the MTC bridges the gap between academia and industry. Its vision is to inspire British manufacturing on the global stage, accelerate industrial growth, deliver innovation, change the way businesses compete, create and embed future skills and maximise synergies within supply chains. Find out how the MTC can help your business become more agile and competitive.

Bosch Rexroth, Wakefield

Thursday 14th June 2018

Guest speaker, Jonathan Wright from 600 Group talks about the future of production from a manufacturer's perspective

Tour of the production facilities:

  • Hydraulic Systems - Modern production processes including augmented reality that allows remote testing
  • Efficient and connected production using interactive displays and visual KPI's
  • Connected Hydraulics - Using new technology such as speed variable drives and hybrid solutions to bring hydraulic power units into the I4.0 age


Technologies on show


Connected Hydraulics

Integration of the real world of machines with the virtual world

Hybrid solutions allow open communication with other disciplines

Simplification of design, streamlined installation, maximum productivity, minimum downtime

Connected Hydraulics demo truck on site


Connected Factories

From simple connectivity to mechanisation to complete automation

Mechatronic, integration capabilities, Industry 4.0-ready

Robotics, artificial intelligence, communication standard

Fully connected, variable, flexible, wireless


Smart Machines

Evolution of machines from simple to smart to smarter

Maximising and enhancing safety, efficiency, performance and reliability of machines through connectivity


Smart Services

From planned to predictive to optimal maintenance

Elimination of unplanned downtime, maximising component lifespan, increasing productivity, reducing risk