EcoShape Tubular Framing System

  • EcoShape – The tubular framing system for new dimensions
  • Reinforcement option for EcoShape frames/structures/applications
  • Reduction of elastic and plastic deformation through cross-bracing
  • Relief of EcoShape connectors
  • Maximum tensioning force 550 N
  • D28L round tube with 4 interfaces for attaching EcoShape connectors
  • D28L round tube, N10 with a 10 mm slot for mounting accessories from the modular aluminum framing system
  • Threaded sleeve for incorporating a leveling foot or LR
  • 90° connector
  • Parallel connector
  • 45° connector
  • Strut D28L, 45°
  • Cross connector
  • Corner bracket D28
  • Swivel bearing D28L
  • D28 bushing
  • 0°-90° connector
  • 0°-90° D28 connector
  • Adapter for connecting round tube with MGE strut profile
  • Adapter for fastening light accessories
  • Adapter for combination with XLean
  • Hinge D28L/D28L
  • Hinge D28L/-
  • Plastic Variofix block for fastening surface elements with snap-in clips or a screw
  • Variofix remover for releasing the snap-in clip
  • Tube clamp D28L, N10
    Ring D50
    Spring hook
    Rubber foot D28L
    Stopper D28L, N10
    D28L base plate
    EcoShape base plate

Subject to change, status 2020-02-26 11:27:50