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Transfer Systems from Rexroth. The Right Solution for Every Type of Production


Years of experience, durable products and innovative technology are the main characteristics of the Rexroth transfer systems.

The programme includes double belt and accumulation roller conveyor systems to transport weights of just a few grams up to 300 kg. Identification systems are integrated to control the workpieces in the system and to document quality assurance data.

With just six different, highly-integrated basic modules, the flexible assembly and transfer system MTS 2 for small and medium-sized series meets all the requirements of an efficient transfer system. You can convert this system in a matter of minutes without having to interrupt production.

In the factory automation sector, there is an ever-increasing demand for conveyor systems that can transport, store and position workpieces in a horizontal as well as vertical direction. VarioFlow, the new chain conveyor system from Rexroth, offers numerous convincing factors: it costs less than other chain conveyor systems and boasts better performance statistics.

Whether you are looking for a simple conveyor circuit or a more complex production system, Rexroth material and information flow technology is used for production, assembly and testing tasks throughout the world.