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TS 4plus Transfer System. For Assembling Heavy Workpieces


The TS 4plus transfer system is intended for transporting heavy workpieces weighing up to 250 kg. For this reason, it is ideal for applications in the car manufacturing industry, household equipment and entertainment electronics.

The TS 4plus modular system enables you to efficiently transport material using either simple circuit systems or more complex systems involving outfeed stations.

The robust system

TS 4 plus transports workpiece pallets on long-life and low-friction accumulation roller chains. They ensure that the workpiece pallets are transported securely even under the most difficult production conditions.

Application examples

The TS 4plus is, for example, used for assembling televisions, large household equipment, gardening equipment or for producing assemblies or modules in the car manufacturing and automotive supplier industry.

Universal workpiece pallets

The TS 4plus pallets are particularly outstanding due to the universal carrying plates with two carrying plate strengths and can meet the requirements of a wide spectrum of applications.

Similar to the smaller TS 2plus system, the workpiece pallets are guided at the side and can be used on roller conveyors, for example.


  • Workpiece pallet weight up to 250 kg
  • Thirty standard workpiece pallet sizes from 443 x 443 mm to 1243 x 1243 mm