Electric Drives and Controls

  • Control Technology
    Control Technology

    Control Technology

    - Multifunctional design

    - Leading-edge technology

    - Future-proof concept

  • HMI and IPC Technology

    HMI and IPC Technology

    - Ergonomic design

    - Complete portfolio

    - Modern operating concept

  • Drive Technology

    Drive Technology

    - Scalable power from W to MW

    - Intelligent function packages

    - Integrated safety concept

  • Motor Technology

    Motor Technology

    - Portfolio of housed and kit motors

    - High dynamic movement

    - Accurate positioning

  • Tightening and Welding

    Tightening and Welding

    - Reliable tightening spindles

    - Ergonomic handling nutrunners

    - Connectable cordless nutrunner

    - High precision welding controls

    - Economic welding transformers


Rexroth’s open automation architecture and innovative engineering solutions make your manufacturing system ready for Industry 4.0 . From PLC over CNC to Motion Control with integrated robotics: our open Control Systems with scalable hardware and software meet all performance requirements and offer maximum flexibility. Our Electric Drive Systems complete the controls to an overall system and cover the complete power range of 100 W to 4 MW. They convince with intelligent functions like scalable motion logics, certified safety technology and unique Multi-Ethernet communication. And this centrally inside the control cabinet or without control cabinet directly at the machine.

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