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2016-09 – Connected Automation – Showcase Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a reality. The connection between people, processes and products makes your enterprise quicker, more flexible and efficient. Talk to Bosch Rexroth about Connected Automation – now.

2016-09 – IndraControl S20 and S67 – I/O systems for flexible automation

The fully modular design of IndraControl S20 and S67 I/O systems from Rexroth provides you with maximum flexibility for the economical realisation of your customised machine concepts.

All I/O modules have an extremely robust design and mechanics, are easy to handle, have a fast reaction time and are quick to install – both in the control cabinet as well as in the field.


2016-08 - WebConnector – Universal translator for the IoT

For those who want a cost-effective way to connect machines and systems with the Internet of Things (IoT), it will be necessary to have a „translator“. With the communications interface WebConnector, Bosch Rexroth has now flipped the switch for universal data exchange between automation components and internet-capable terminals. Embedded in the Open Core Engineering portfolio, it‘s now possible to do much more than develop platform-independent HMIs such as web or mobile apps. With the use of open Industry 4.0 standards and typical internet languages developers can now integrate smart devices and cloud services without interface programming as well, in order to strengthen their competitive position with new applications and big data analyses.

2016-06 – IndraControl FM – Intelligent, cabinet-free control technology for Industry 4.0

The compact IndraControl FM control hardware from Rexroth unites machine PLC, I/O and the Open Core Interface for Industry 4.0-enabled applications and is specifically geared toward cabinet-free automation concepts.


2016-05 – IndraMotion MLC automation system for robot applications

Dedicated to several target industry sectors we offer our system solution of HMI, robot and motion control, servo drives and motors for robot applications. Capable to control a wide range of different kinematics, the IndraMotion MLC control system integrates all motion, robot and logic control functions needed. Fast, easy and transparent data access and common share of all process data lead to precise path calculation and perfect synchronisation of all movements.

2016-05 – Open Core Interface accelerates building automation

Continuously evaluating the data from up to 125,000 information points and controlling the events: DMS (Digitale Mess- und Steuersysteme AG) focuses on the IndraLogic XLC control system by Rexroth in the automation of commercial structures. With it, its functions programmed in high level languages have direct access to the control firmware. This saves time in development and simplifies the implementation of functions that exceed the standard range of PLC automation.


2016-04 – The Power to Move Large Objects

During vehicle development, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing is essential to prevent electrical interference between sensitive systems, both on and around the vehicle. To provide this protection for their own 3-axis test stand, Maturo uses drive and control technology from Bosch Rexroth. One of these technologies, Open Core Engineering, bridges the gap between the PLC and IT worlds, delivering exceptional, user-friendly interfaces to connect different test systems.