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Hydraulic Filters

  • Pure Power Filter Media

    Breakthrough hydraulic filter media delivers 50% more dirt holding capacity to protect your hydraulic systems.

  • Six Layer Filters

    New Rexroth filter elements use advanced microglass materials and unique six-layer design.

  • Reduce TCO

    Enhanced filtration reduces hydraulic system life cycle costs, ultimately reducing total cost of ownership.


Hydraulic Filtration Systems

An effective hydraulic filtration system is key to ensuring your hydraulic system and production components maintain peak performance. Rexroth's wide filter portfolio of hydraulic filters and cleaning systems that are precisely matched to your application can keep your hydraulic system functioning longer. Our hydraulic filters can help increase the longevity of your system, prevent damage and reduce system downtime, saving you money and time.


Please get directly in contact with our hydraulic filter specialists.

Hydraulic Filter Department

Phone: 0345 604 4106

Email: Industrial Hydraulics


Feel the Power: New Rexroth Hydraulic Filter Technology

Hydraulic fluid is called the “life-blood” of hydraulic systems – and keeping this fluid contaminant-free is essential to preventing damage and increasing the life cycle of these systems. Bosch Rexroth has applied the power of its innovative engineering to launch a new generation of hydraulic filter elements with advanced microglass materials and a unique six-layer design that delivers 50% more dirt holding capacity, helping reduce hydraulic system TCO.