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APAS - at the heart of the Factory of the Future

At the heart of the Factory of the Future with the Production Assistants

Human and machine – Hand in Hand!

Human and machine – Hand in Hand!

The APAS assistant can be used flexibly and enables collaboration between human and machine – without safety cages or fences.

APAS collaborative production assistant for the manufacturing line with black sensor skin

APAS assistant inline on KUKA basis

Programmable as usual, easy to integrate and cost-efficient: the new APAS assistant as a unique overall package for your automation.

High inspection quality at flexible applications

High inspection quality at flexible applications

Reliable: Even with demanding surface inspections, the APAS inspector mobile delivers meaningful test results.

with the APAS production assistants

Flexible production systems and mobile assistance systems, which are not limited to just one production process within production, are at the heart of the smart factory.

The intelligent, automatic production assistants offered by Bosch Rexroth meet exactly these requirements and enable the work of human and machine to go hand in hand. From fast, high-precision image processing assistants to safe, collaborative robots, you will accompany our products into the transformable Factory 4.0.

APAS at a Glance

A product and technology overview and further information can be found here

All about APAS


End-of-line inspection

End-of-line inspection

A combination of APAS assistant mobile and APAS inspector safeguard the high quality requirements and both are seamlessly integrated into the industry 4.0 environment.

On the way to an intelligent canteen

On the way to an intelligent canteen

APAS assistant mobile is being tested for the use in canteen kitchens to provide assistance for standardized tasks such as coffee making.

Bosch Rexroth APAS robot partial automation success story

Inclusion meets costeffectiveness

APAS assistant supports physically restricted employees in ergonomically difficult work steps requiring force, and it proves that profitable inclusion is possible.

Process optimization at the Bosch Homburg plant with robotics from Bosch Rexroth

APAS automates complex welding line

Increasing productivity under conditions with limited space

Two APAS Production assistants work hand in hand with an employee

APAS and humans hand in hand

Four mobile APAS assistants support and assist employees in potentially hazardous routine tasks such as temperature resistance of control units.


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Two man in front of a manufacturing line configuring an APAS assistant


Our APAS Trainings are conducted by Bosch Connected Industry Training Center.

Within the basic and advanced training courses you will become familiar with the functions of our products in detail and gain knowledge about safe handling, preparation of work plans and more.

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Find your training


Watch here a selection of our product- and application videos.

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