Mobile electronics

With BODAS, Rexroth supplies a suitable and unique system which meets all requirements for the electronic control of mobile equipment.

Modular Architecture

As a system, BODAS distinguishes itself with its consistent modular architecture with matched interfaces. As a result, it is very easy to integrate all components. Effective machine controls can, thus, be developed quickly and affordably.
The proven, freely programmable RC controllers are the heart of the BODAS hardware modules. Sensors, displays and joysticks round out the line of BODAS hardware modules.


Thanks to the BODAS RC controllers and peripheral devices which have been tried and tested in demanding day-to-day use of mobile equipment, BODAS is able to ensure high reliability and availability of your machine in spite of harsh mechanical demands, extreme summer and winter conditions or strong electromagnetic disturbances.


The BODAS software, which contains the specific Rexroth application know-how, is modularly structured as well. Depending on the desired function, select from software modules which are matched to one another and configure them yourself. Individual and customized concepts are also possible with the BODAS system.

The Bosch Factor

The BODAS system profits from the close cooperation between Rexroth and Bosch. This "Bosch factor" in development, testing and automotive large-series production results in a stable and extremely high product quality. It contributes to high availability of your machine in demanding daily use.

Certified development process

In the development of mobile electronics components processes are applied that meet high standards. Industry standard safety norms are respected in the development of products that are used in safety-relevant applications. This allows the use in applications with high safety requirements. The therefore defined development process was evaluated by an independent body and certified accordingly.

The certificate can be downloaded here: TÜV Certificate: Mobile Electronics Engineering Trusted Process (0,87 MB)

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