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Bosch Rexroth ACTIVE One autonomous intralogistics mobile robot at HMI 2022

ACTIVE One - automated intralogistics material handling up to 1 tons

With the new ACTIVE One you can automate the internal flow of material and goods. The autonomous mobile robot is optimized for transporting EURO pallets, the loading and unloading is fully automatized and the vehicle organizes itself, so it requires no user interaction.


Obstacles, intersections and oncoming traffic are handled as well as multi-floor buildings.


Intelligent traffic control and order distribution enables optimum utilization and transport times.


Each ACTIVE One acts independently as well as in a swarm. The robots communicate permanently with each other via the factory WiFi – without a central control system.


Commissioning of the first vehicle in < 1 day, each additional one integrates the swarm almost automatically.


The safety laser scanner garantuees, protection and warning fields are changed depending on situation and speed. The optional Obstacle Avoidance complements the safety sensors. The optional bluespot announces the approaching AMR.


A scissor lift raises 1,000 kg to 550 mm as standard or optionally 750 kg to 1,060 mm.

ACTIVE One autonomous mobile robot for automated intralogistics

autonomous mobile robot for automated intralogistics

System overview

Active One System overview


24/7 operation without battery change
3 minutes of charging – 60 minutes of operation

Customer WiFi & Customer ERP/WMS

For the communication of the vehicles between each other, a customer-side WiFi is required.
Customer-side systems (e.g. ERP, WMS, MES) can be connected via jSON API or web service.


The fleet control is based on swarm intelligence.

Active One full system

Mobile Device

The AMR is managed by browser-enabled mobile devices (e.g. tablet) via web application (HMI).

IO Box

Coupling of customer-side infrastructure (e.g. roller shutters, fire alarm systems).


Access to the most important KPIs and data – anytime, anywhere.

  • Active One 3D LIDAR sensor

    3D Obstacle detection

  • Indicator Lights

    Indicator Lights

  • Dirt deflector

    Dirt deflector

  • Detection of transported goods

    Detection of transported goods

  • ESD

    Discharge element in the underbody for applications with ESD requirements

Active One 3D LIDAR sensor
Active One 3D LIDAR sensor

3D Obstacle detection

Optional sensor technology analyzes the environment in 3D and detects even the smallest obstacles. Sensor: 3D LIDAR

Indicator Lights
Indicator Lights

Indicator Lights

Bluespot, configurable: blue/green/red

Additional indicator lights in the fork tips, white/yellow

Dirt deflector
Dirt deflector

Dirt deflector

Detection of transported goods
Detection of transported goods

Detection of transported goods

Scanner for the capture of QR/barcodes on the transported goods enables situation-related order management


Discharge element in the underbody for applications with ESD requirements

Technical data

Technical data
Technology Laser navigation based on natural landmarks
Localization, mapping
Using intelligent ACTIVE ONE control algorithms
Positioning accuracy
± 4 mm at standstill and at card quality ≥ 25%
Laser navigation Laser scanner
Personal protection Safety laser scanner PLd, protection and warning fields are changed depending on situation and speed.
3D obstacle detection (optional) 3D LIDAR Sensor
Velocity Up to 1.4 m/s
Dimension & Weight
L x W x H 1.510 x 810 x 1.862 mm
Weight (without goods) 420 kg
Max. effective lifting height 550 mm single scissor stroke, 1,060 mm double scissor stroke
Payload Lifting Platform 1,000 kg single scissor lift, 750 kg double scissor lift
Cargo Euro-pallets, other cargos certified for the ACTIVE ONE on request
Max. Dimensions payload (L x W) 1,200 x 1,600 mm, max. Height depends on the centre of gravity of the load
WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Area of application Indoor, IP20
Slope/Descent ≤ 1%
Temperature range +5 to +40 °C
Humidity 20% to 80%, not condensing
Energy management
Charging time 3 min. charging – 60 min. operation
Battery LiFePO4 with Battery Management System (intrinsically safe), 46,2 VDC / 20 Ah / 924 Wh
Temperature range charging ≥ 10 °C


Single scissor stroke Active One

Single scissor stroke

Double scissor stroke

Double Scissor stroke Active One


Charging Station
Stational For charging the AMRs in regular operation. Charging is fully automatic.
Mobile For charging the AMRs in service mode, e.g. when the stationary charging station can no longer be approached.
IO-Box IO boxes in different variants for I/O communication between ACTIVE ONE and customer infrastructure, e.g. integration of high-speed doors, elevators and fire alarm systems.
Host-Gateway Component for the central communication between ACTIVE ONE swarm and customer infrastructure (such as ERP, WMS, MES).
Orders can also be transferred (from the higher-level system) to the ACTIVE ONE network if no ACTIVE ONE AMR is available.

Order management

Order management ACTIVE One
Via control system jSON API Interface, e.g. ERP, WMS, MES
Via Manual Selection Web-based user interface, e.g. user-dependent configurable action buttons
Via IO-Box Triggered via inputs on the IO-Box
Cyclic Cyclical processing of orders
With the optional transport goods identification by QR/barcode, the transported goods can be checked, and the transport order can be controlled depending on the code content read.


Hardware WiFi hotspot for the web-based direct connection between HMI and ACTIVE ONE
LTE modem for remote and online services (can be deactivated)
Software Web service, jSON-API

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Bosch Rexroth Active One on HMI 2022