Application software apps

  • Networking: Connection of your databases to AcktiveCockpit
  • Apps, libraries for personalized shop floor tasks
  • App for networking your production data and visualizing your key figures in real time
  • Widget for recording and displaying quality and safety key figures
  • ValueStreamManager is an app for the mapping, design and visualization of value streams within the ActiveCockpit communication platform
  • Hierarchical user and content management
  • Reduced need for central administrators
  • Data import from MES via a web service for easy processing
  • Deviation classification and tracking
  • Quicker comparison and exchange of personnel capacity
  • Intuitive and visual ticket system for date tracking
  • App for easy system login via employee ID
  • For integrating in-house applications into ActiveCockpit
  • Individual functionality expansion for adding customer apps to the ActiveCockpit platform
  • Customer-specific web applications integrated as widgets
  • Third-party web applications embedded via URL
  • Image display with caption
  • Display refreshed regularly

Subject to change, status 2020-02-17 15:00:56