Conveyor Medium Accumulation Roller Chain, Accessories

A conveyor unit is a complete unit used for the linear conveying of workpiece pallets. It consists of:

  • Drive module AS 2/R-V
  • Return unit UM 2/R-V
  • Sections ST 2/R-V…
  • Section supports SZ 2/…
  • Cross connector QV 2…
  • Accumulation roller chain Vplus


The UM 2/R-V and AS 2/R-V may be set up right next to each other, which allows for conveyor unit combinations.

The drive modules are designed for section loads up toG = 2200 kg per conveyor unit.

  • Conveyor medium for the workpiece pallets of the TS 2plus system
  • For conveyor unit self-assembly
  • For locking the Vplus after insertion in the conveyor section element
  • Suitable only for Vplus accumulation roller chains
  • For disassembly of Vplus accumulation roller chains
  • Makes it easier to open and disassemble the Vplus accumulation roller chain

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