Transverse conveyor

  • The HQ 5 lift transverse unit is a ready-for-operation module for branching transport. It lifts the workpiece pallet from the rollers and moves it transversely to the original conveyor direction via a driven roller section
  • Note: Note the orientation of the workpiece pallet after branching
  • For non-damped (VE 5/200) or damped (VE 5/D-300 and VE 5/D‑1000) stopping of accumulating workpiece pallets for outfeeding
  • Damped stopping of an accumulating workpiece pallet during infeeding
  • For connecting the transverse section, independent of the drive side of the main section. If a circuit only consists of lift transverse units, the transverse sections are connected directly to the longitudinal section
  • The guide kit is part of the connection bridge. To connect a standard section, the guide kit must be ordered separately.
  • The connection bridge is used for length adjustment when parallel transverse sections are used with lift transverse units and curves/diverters/junctions
  • The protective covers are provided in working areas to increase safety
  • Mobile protective covers (A, B) are assembled to HQ 5, fixed protective covers (C) are clipped between the rollers using spring elements. The user must make the openings in the protective covers, see assembly instructions
  • Note: Do not walk on the protective covers. Slots for add-on parts must be made by the customer; for details, see assembly instructions
  • Covers must be provided for the lateral guide in the vicinity of the HQ 5 lift transverse unit to increase safety.
  • Note: Do not walk on the protective covers

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