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Your Opinion is Our Measure of Success

At Bosch Rexroth we believe that our most prized possession is a sound business relationship with our customers. We work constantly to maintain and improve this relationship. A significant part of this endeavour is your feedback.

We hope that you will take 10 minutes to share your personal experience of your cooperation with us. The more information you share with us, the better the improvements we can make in order to fulfil your business’ needs.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to share your views with us.

Best regards,

Mobile Applications- Service Team

Bosch Rexroth (India) Limited

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Type of service for which you contacted us

Please answer following questions related to specific areas (Tick Yes/ No whichever applies)

1) Logistics area

Are you getting properly packed products with packing list information per box, from us?

Are you facing any wrong supply or transit damaged as an issue from us?

Do you know contact person of Bosch Rexroth LOG department, for any logistic issue-support?

2) Field Service area

Are you getting in-time field-service engineer support, from the date of complaint log-on?

Do you feel our service-engineers are competent to resolve / conclude the complaint in-time?

Is your complaint get closed in definite time-line?

Do you have our local service representative contact info?

3) 0 km support to OEM

Are you getting in-time support for 0-km (at OEM plant), from our service- engineer?

Is your complaint get closed in definite time-line, with back-up justifications (CA- PA/8D if needed)?

Is product quality-warranty issues get better support?

4) Repair service

Have you ever sent BR-product for repair-service at either A’bad or B’lore repair- center?

Are you getting proper in-time response/confirmation thru’ our repair-centers?

Do you get product repaired in definite time-line?

Do you have contact information of repair center lead?

5) Spare Parts

Are you getting official quote for required spare-part in-time?

Do you know right contact person at Spare parts division?

6) General information

Do you aware that Bosch Rexroth service centers are available in India?

Have you earlier contacted Bosch Rexroth for service?

7) Availability of Service Support

8) Please rate following statements on a scale of 1-5

(1 being lowest and 5 being highest)

Easiness to air the complaint

Technical expertise of the person who visited /supported

Removal of errors & faults as per your expectation

Spare parts availability & delivery

Customer focused attitude

Speed of resolving problems ,effective handling of complaint

Approach & Responsiveness of the staff

Reliability of Bosch Rexroth service

Over all experience of after sales service

Your satisfaction with process

9) Would you like to recommend others based on your experience?

10) Any suggestions for further improvements?

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Thank you very much for feedback.