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Ocean Energy

Harnessing the forces of nature: Bosch Rexroth is a development partner in the construction of ocean energy systems

– Partner in pioneering this technology
– Increasing availability through innovative ideas
– Decades of experience in renewable energies

Ocean Energy

Tides, ocean currents, waves, thermal energy, osmosis - ocean energy comes in many forms that can make a valuable contribution to the future energy mix. At this point in time, however, most systems are still in the trial phase. From today's perspective, the most promising energy sources are tides, currents and waves. Bosch Rexroth will help you use these sources effectively. In the same way that we provided support to the trailblazers of wind power, we are now partnering with the pioneers of ocean energy.

Corrosion - inducing salt water and enormous forces from waves and currents - installation at sea can place extreme demands on ocean energy power plants. At the same time, efficient operation requires high availability and long maintenance intervals.

Working closely with system? engineers , Bosch Rexroth specialists design and supply installation-ready, low-maintenance modules that withstand even the roughest conditions, including solutions for power take-off systems (PTOs) as well as pitch drives for wave and current power plants. Benefit from this know-how to make the electricity generated from ocean energy economically viable.