Installation elements

Electrical leads must be neatly laid, because only if they have been installed in an orderly way can electrical faults be easily located and eliminated. Cable ducts and cable brackets are therefore important elements in terms of maintenance-friendly electrical installation on all kinds of constructions made of basic mechanical elements.

  • Cable duct for routing electrical lines
  • Can be either clipped or screwed onto the support profile
  • Sizes 40x40, 40x80, 80x40, 80x80
  • Drilling aids for easy machining
  • Dovetail attachment option
  • Suitable for installing on profiles with modular dimensions of 40 and 45 mm
  • Seals the end face of the cable duct
  • Fastened securely with screws
  • Openings for PG screw fastenings can be provided through mechanical finishing
  • Used to protect the cables if there is an end-face cable outlet
  • Can be pushed and also screwed into position
  • Can be used to protect the cable at lateral outlets
  • Mounting base
  • For machining-free mounting of the cable duct on the support profile
  • Insulates the cable duct from the support profile
  • 90° curve in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Modular design
  • Cable ducts connected together with push-in connecting elements
  • Cable ducts can be made conductive by using supplied potential equalizing cable
  • Divides the cable duct into 2 chambers for carrying different electric cables, e.g. electricity and data cables
  • Push-in installation
  • Bendable, so it can also be used on curves
  • Extension of ends of cable ducts
  • For connecting cable duct with curve
  • ESD-conductivity of both cable ducts can be established by using an overlapping cover and a self-tapping screw
  • For passing cables through within the cover
  • DIN EN 0100‑-410 compliant:
  • For connecting the cable duct to an earthed protective conductor
  • Grounding wire not included in the scope of delivery
  • For fixing the cable in the cable duct in the case of overhead mounting
  • Recommendation: Use every 200 mm
  • Cable bracket for fastening individual cables with cable fasteners
  • For use behind panels or screens
  • Dimensioned to match the Variofix block for slot 10 mm
  • Quick-lock for fastening standard commercially available cable ducts

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