Components for lateral guides

  • Wide variety of profile rail and holder combinations for individual solutions
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Only one tool required for adjustment
  • Interface slot 10 mm
  • Sectional rails for lateral guiding of the transported material
  • Suitable for fixed lateral guide holders and variable lateral guide holders
  • Various materials and geometries for different applications
  • Holders for lateral guides with fixed installation height and fixed guide width
  • Holder, fixed, for sectional rail aluminum, sectional rail HDPE, and sectional rail 17x17.5
  • Clamping holder C L100
  • Clamping holder C
  • Clamping holder D12 L100
  • Clamping holder D12
  • Clamping head
  • Holder L204
  • Holder L134
  • Holder L45
  • Spacer
  • Vertical clamping holder D18 L160
  • Tube D18
  • Crosspiece
  • Corner piece
  • Plug
  • Reducing adapter

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