Components for Conveyor Units

The conveyor unit is made up of the following individual components, which can be combined as required:

  • Drive module
  • Return unit
  • Section
  • Section profile
  • Guide profile
  • Profile connector
  • Cross connector
  • Belt
  • Leg sets


Track widths: 80, 120, 160 mm

Length from 1000 to 12000 mm

The permissible contact weight force for the entire conveyor unit is max. 80 kg in accumulation operation.

If the total sum of the workpiece pallet on the unit exceeds this value, the entire section must be divided into several sub-sections.

  • For section loads up to FG = 80 kg per section unit in accumulation operation
  • Motor mounting optionally hanging down at the bottom or horizontal, right or left external
  • Accessories kit for end-face connection of two conveyor units or belt sections

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