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Bosch Rexroth A.Ş.
TOSB 1. Cad. 14. Sk. No.10

41420, Çayırova/Kocaeli


Material fields: Turning, milling and gear parts, hydraulic assemblies, sintered parts, machined castings

Purchasing and Logistics


Through our global purchasing organization for direct material, we continuously improve our processes as well as assuring an efficient process flow between Bosch Rexroth and our suppliers. Regional suppliers are choosen to implement local-for-local concepts.

These are the essential key points of the alignment:

  • Global responsibility of the Material Field Purchasing, i. e. global bundling of demands and definite responsibility for suppliers ("One-Face-to-the-Supplier")
  • Structuring of the Project Purchasing according to product categories, improved preventive quality assurance and ensurance of "Design-to-Cost" in external procurement
  • Fully integrated quality responsibility in Purchasing as well as optimisation of our supplier´s performance regarding quality and logistics

The following material fields are bundled globally:

  • Machined parts
  • Casting, sintered parts
  • Hydraulic Component groups
  • Job shop
  • Foundry materials
  • Electronics, electro-mechanic, electro-technics
  • Non-ferrous castings, stamped-drawn-bent parts, plastic parts, rubber parts
  • Assemblies, solenoids
  • Forge, steel, non-ferrous metals
  • Alu profile
  • Hand mold casting incl. machining