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All of our modular assembly solutions are designed with a view to enhancing productivity and meeting your individual requirements. Bosch Rexroth systems can be freely configured according to your needs. With extremely short cycle times and unique repeatability, they lay the perfect foundation for smooth production. Each detail is optimized for maximum efficiency – including our extremely ergonomic manual production systems. The same holds true for our intelligent tightening controls whose integrated logic ensures secure connections and documented quality.



  • Smooth production workflows
  • Efficient processes
  • High productivity
  • Flexible, modular solutions
  • Reliable, documented quality


  • Electric drives and controls / Tightening systems
  • Linear motion technology
  • Assembly technology
  • Pneumatics
  • EasyHandling building system


  • Freely configurable system solutions
  • Ergonomic and process-optimized equipment and systems
  • High repeatability
  • Short cycle times