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Cement Industry


Cement has been a growing business through the years. With a steady increase in the construction of roads, stadiums, hotels, huge buildings, airports and commercial venues, all those constructions depend heavily on cement.

To produce cement, you need both power and precision. Drive and control solutions from Bosch Rexroth offer rugged and reliable power, together with high controllability. Adapting easily to the materials you handle, they can start and stop repeatedly – or reverse rapidly if anything gets caught. Since their low moment of inertia effectively limits torque, they protect your machine against shock loads and other extremes.

For your personnel, the fine-tuned control means added safety. And for your business, it means opportunities to maximize throughput and optimize production. Though they take up little space and add little weight to your machines, our system solutions mean sizeable advantages.

Bosch Rexroth is your preferred partner within The Drive & Control systems for the cement industry. We are engineering and supplying the Drive and Control system for single machines as well as delivering systems for a complete cement plant – we cover the whole process.


Success Story: Boliden

The air is filled with dust, and the large, heavy rocks pound the equipment hard. Only the toughest survive at the Aitik mine. Boliden therefore takes great care in selecting suppliers for its new crushing plant.

Belt Conveyor Solutions from Hägglunds

No matter what materials you handle, getting them from place to place isn't as easy as it sounds. Loading, unloading and transporting put your machines to the test. Our Hagglunds drive systems rise to the task, protecting both your equipment and your uptime. Whether adapting to changing loads or to your changing needs, they keep materials moving - and your business along with them.


Success Story: LKAB

As the mine in Malmberget reaches depths below 1250 metres it becomes increasingly important to maintain an efficient flow of ore and high availability. There is simply no room for breakdowns.

Hagglunds Solutions for Apron Feeders

Bosch Rexroth offers an easy path to the best drive system solutions for total performance, whether for new feeders or for modifications and upgrades of existing machines. Our expertise and systems ensure that any and all rele· vant requirements are taken into account to achieve a complete and efficient solution for your operations.