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Products for Connected Industry

Bosch Rexroth delivers many intelligent solutions for the Connected Industry. Here are some examples:


Open Core Engineering

Open Core Engineering (OCE) revolutionizes software engineering. The open core interface allows machine manufacturers to – for the first time – access the core of their control systems to configure and modify variables as well as motion and PLC functions.

IndraMotion MLC

An open, embedded industry-controlled for machine control and movement guidance. It features an Ethernet-based fieldbus (sercos, Ethernet IP, Profinet) and IP communication, along with an Integrated OPC-UA server for M2M communication.


IndraDrive Mi

The IndraDrive Mi integrates electronics and motor into a single unit. This almost eliminates the need for cabinet drive electronics and reduces the wiring required to connect the individual components by up to 90%.

ODiN - Online Diagnostics Network

The networking of machines due to Industry 4.0 allows large quantities of data to be recorded and evaluated. Rexroth uses it along with the new service package ODiN (Online Diagnostics Network) to continuously and safely monitor the operating conditions of hydraulic systems for users.



Antennas are integrated into the superior control system via the communication models with Ethernet or PROFIBUS DP interfaces

Hydraulic Motion Control - HMC

The new HMC motion controller is a digital control unit with an integrated axis controller and IEC61131-3 PLC functionality.


Hydraulic Power Unit - ABPAC

The new hydraulic power unit series ABPAC from Rexroth fully reflects electrification and Industrie 4.0. Being provided with decentralized intelligence and optional sensor packages, the power units continuously acquire all operational states and communicate via open interfaces with higher control levels or authorized smartphones and tablet PCs


IAC-Multi-Ethernet is an OBE regulator platform for hydraulic drives. It features a cascaded hydraulic gear regulator for optimized hydraulic control engineering.


PRC7300 welding control

Maximum quality when welding all combinations of sheet thicknesses from steel to aluminum with the new welding controller PRC7300 from Rexroth. User benefit from the reduced commissioning, an increased availability and energy efficiency. With numerous interfaces the controller can be integrated into networked production environments of the coming generation.

Nexo nutrunner

Pretty clever: the Nexo's entire control system is in the nutrunner itself – a world first without which many Industry 4.0 applications would not be possible. The integrated control systems enable the wireless-enabled cordless nutrunners to be connected directly to the higher-level systems, for example without any additional hardware in your corporate network.


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