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Drive & Control Academy


Bosch Rexroth is one of the globally leading specialists in drive and control technology and has unique technological know-how. The Drive & Control Academy passes this knowledge on and supports the customized training and further development as well as the qualification of technical experts.

Knowledge is everything

Technical knowledge and competence of the employees provide a company with the decisive advantage in global competition. Under the roof of the Drive & Control Academy, Rexroth offers an extensive portfolio of knowledge products in the area of drive and control technologies which is continuously based on the industrial practice.

The Drive & Control Academy sets particularly standards in the didactic presentation of specialized and integrated know-how for customers, employees and facilities for training and further development. Our offers have been compiled according to the following principles:

▶ Practice-oriented, state-of-the-art equipment

▶ Target group-specific training offers

▶ The latest training methods


Training systems

The training systems impart inexperienced and experienced users practice-oriented knowledge in the areas hydraulics, electric drive and control technology, mechatronics and automation. They comprise industrial serial components and have internationally standardized programming languages and open interfaces.



New training courses and the continuous further development of the training methods guarantee that the knowledge transfer is always state-of-the-art. The method repertoire includes attendance training, eLearning, practical training and Blended Learning, combining the advantages of attendance training sessions and eLearning. With customer training sessions, the customer proximity principle is of utmost importance.



Rexroth's software-based training and learning media distinguish themselves by high practical relevance and are adjusted exactly to the training courses and training systems. They contain eLearning modules, animations of components and systems as well as simulation-based learning units. Apart from that there are dictionaries, technical books, manuals for trainers and trainees as well as working equipment.