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Machine Safety

Intelligent and cost-effective approach to machine safety: Bosch Rexroth uses its multi-technology expertise to ensure that all components work together safely

– Safety on Board: from risk assessment to start-up and staff training
– Minimal development and life cycle costs
– Maximum productivity with top safety


Safety is one of the major challenges in machine and plant engineering around the globe. Manufacturers and users have to comply with international and regional standards and regulatory provisions. For example, the specific safety approaches in individual industries and areas of application are influenced by ISO 13849 on a worldwide level and by the EU Machinery Directive 2006/142/EC throughout Europe. Whether a machine will receive approval for various markets will depend on the successful fulfillment of all requirements. As supplier of drive and control technologies, Bosch Rexroth can find the right solution for any requirement.

To allow you to simply and efficiently realize the safety requirements in your machines, we offer you Safety on Board: this approach includes risk assessment, development of safety approaches, the selection of suitable components, implementation of the approach within the machine, start-up of the machine and training your staff. At Bosch Rexroth, our expertise e spans a variety of technologies. Electric drives and motors, controls, hydraulics, mechanics, pneumatics, individual components or entire systems – we understand your requirements and will develop the appropriate safety solution. We will find the most suitable combination of hardware components, software solutions and after-sales services for your needs.

The standards-compliant protection of people and equipment should, however, not have an adverse effect on productivity. Operators can maximize productivity and work efficiently only if the safety systems and devices do not hinder them in their work. Because the safety functions are already integrated into the drive and control system, implementation is quick and easy. Intelligent software modules simplify parameterization. As a result, the machine can be put into operation sooner. In addition, the free choice of bus systems guarantees flawless communication between new and existing components. Customers benefits from optimized engineering in new facilities and from minimized costs when making modifications to existing facilities. Moreover, Rexroth components work reliably, thereby providing a good return on your investment throughout the entire lifecycle of the machine.

With our custom-designed integrated Safety on Board solutions, your staff and your machines will work together efficiently and safely. This is possible because Bosch Rexroth masters the intelligent interaction of the most varied control technologies and understands exactly what your application is all about -- no matter what country your machine will be used in. Rexroth implements international standards while also supporting you in the fulfillment of local technical requirements.