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Innovation at Bosch Rexroth

Searching for the Perfect Solution: Innovation at Bosch Rexroth

The term "innovation" is commonplace throughout the business world, yet very different interpretations exist as to the exact meaning of this word. For Europeans and Americans, for instance, the word usually relates to technology and generally implies going further, higher and faster than ever before. Our Chinese partners, on the other hand, regard innovation as tackling a problem with sophisticated technology, minimal resources and a purely functional construction. In other Asian regions or in South America, users again have very different requirements when it comes to "innovations". Understanding these local requirements and developing solutions adapted appropriately using local research and development capacities are essential means of addressing the individual interpretations of innovation in a global world.

At Rexroth, regional developers have therefore established very close connections with their international colleagues. The fruits of these endeavors are innovations that set new standards across the globe and win over local customers. To support these efforts, we invest large amounts of money each year as well as the creativity of the thousands of engineers working in research and development. For many years now, our R&D quota has surpassed the industry average. We then systematically derive short- and medium-term requirements from long-term megatrends, which we address by means of developments based on established technologies. At the same time, we enhance existing solution principles in the long term or identify new approaches. In this context, we always consider innovation as a means of delivering multi-dimensional enhancements to machine manufacturers and end users. For example, a solution may reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions while simultaneously raising productivity.