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xxx 2013-03-22

Case Study: Bosch Rexroth Technology is Recipe for Success of PDI Medical Pouch Machine

Case Study: Bosch Rexroth Technology is Recipe for Success of PDI Medical Pouch Machine

CMD Corporation of Appleton, WI, designs and manufactures high-performance converting equipment. To upgrade their PDI Medical Combination Pouch System, which converts pre-made medical header bags and shaped pouches, CMD called on Bosch Rexroth and Wisconsin-based distributor CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne.

CMD wanted a machine that performed high-speed precision sealing using poly material while providing complete process documentation to meet regulatory requirements. CMD also wanted real-time monitoring, complete data management and sealing parameter control based on actual data points (not filtered or averaged data). CMD selected CMAFH and Rexroth because both had helped ensure the success of previous projects.

CMD used Rexroth’s IndraDrive Mi integrated servo motor/drive platform and IndraDrive C converters to blend inverter and power supply in a single unit. These were combined with Rexroth IndraDyn MSK servo motors, allowing comprehensive, responsive control in a compact space with less cabling. That, along with IndraDrive Mi’s integrated design, allowed CMD to minimize overall system footprint and machine size. An additional performance upgrade resulted from combining IndraControl VEP 40 HMI , IndraMotion L40 MLC motion logic control and servo technology. CMD used compact, scalable IndraDrive Mi units, with drives mounted in the motor casing, to run power and communication via a single cable daisy-chained to each drive. All connections to IndraDrive Mi units used a common coupling within a Rexroth KCU compact adaptation box.

For motion synchronization in three axes, CMD used Rexroth’s IndraMotion L40 MLC motion logic controller with Flex Profile for controlling sealing strike and dwell converting steps. IndraMotion MLC controls platform functionality helps CMD reduce material waste, increase throughput and simplify operations. The operator controls machine functions and changes converting recipes via the intuitive Rexroth VEP 40 HMI interactive touch screen.

Rexroth also supplied pneumatics for cross cooler actuation, runner blocks and profiled rail to support cutting and sealing and anodized aluminum structural framing for the stacking table and protective light curtain support.

CMAFH and Rexroth worked hand in hand with CMD for machine programming, training, testing and overall support. Rexroth’s thorough understanding of medical pouch converting helped keep the project on schedule and minimize troubleshooting needs as the new machine took shape.

The new PDI has been a hit. It delivers high-impact sealing strikes within a +/- 1.5% tolerance, the industry’s tightest control. Dwell time, force, and temperature can be adjusted almost instantly in three axes. Converting parameters including pouch width and sealing material data can be altered simply by keying in the appropriate recipe. Real-time data also tracks how thoroughly the machine controls the sealing process.

Thanks to all these advantages, CMD can now offer a very high-performance machine at a competitive price, providing precision, accuracy, throughput and immediate parameter adjustment using real-time data.

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