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xxx 2011-09-20

Pack Expo 2011: Productive pneumatic solutions for the Food and Packaging Industry

Pack Expo 2011: Productive pneumatic solutions for the Food and Packaging Industry

Rexroth develops hygienically designed pneumatic components – for automation and handling

Specially designed for use in the food and packaging industry, pneumatic components from Rexroth enable hygienic handling of food products and efficient packaging of all types of workpieces. Whether grippers, cylinders or valve terminal systems: all components in this range are perfectly matched and can be combined according to the special requirements of food processing as well as primary, secondary, or end packaging needs.

In the food sector, the processing and packaging of foodstuffs is subject to strict hygiene requirements. Products are processed, positioned, picked up by grippers, placed in the packaging provided by handling portals and sent further down the line or packaged. All these steps must take place under hygienic conditions. As a result, the main prerequisites for machine components are robust materials and ease in cleaning, with smooth surfaces and no seams or hard-to-reach areas. Hygienically designed pneumatic components from Rexroth meet the highest hygiene standards, even in the wet areas of systems.

Hygienic design was therefore a top priority in the development of the CL03 valve terminal system, which has meanwhile been awarded EHEDG certification. The features of the valve terminal system, designed in accordance with protection class IP69K, permit direct installation in production facilities, eliminating the need for a separate control cabinet.

The corrosion-resistant ICS-D1 ISO cylinder made of acid-proof steel is recommended particularly for applications in food processing. All types of fluid, right up to aggressive acids, can be easily washed off these hygienically designed round cylinders. The cylinder is also available in a heat-resistant version with special seals.

For wash-down applications, the guide cylinders in the GPC Clean series are the right choice. Their housing is made of anodized aluminum, which stands up to extremely harsh cleaning processes. The front plate and screws are manufactured from stainless steel. The smooth surface is free of grooves and holes, thus facilitating cleaning.

With the NCT transport system from Rexroth, which operates according to the Bernoulli principle, porous or air-permeable objects, as well as soft materials or highly sensitive workpieces, can be easily and gently lifted and transported. In addition to the aluminum version for general handling functions, the NCT is now also available in PEEK. The properties of the FDA and EC-approved material, i.e. resistance to chemicals, conventional solvents, acids, salts and oil, fulfill the requirements of the food industry. They guarantee the safe use of these components, even when in direct contact with food products. A low friction coefficient and high resistance to wear ensure a long service life and hygienic handling.

For an optimum connection of the pneumatic components, even under the harshest conditions, Rexroth also offers acid-proof accessory parts, including fittings.

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