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xxx 2011-09-15

AATExpo 2011: Rexroth CKK and CKR Family of Compact Modules Ideal for Small Handling Applications to Large Loads and Extended Lengths

AATExpo 2011: Rexroth CKK and CKR Family of Compact Modules Ideal for Small Handling Applications to

Ready-to-install modules for applications ranging from small, precise handling systems with lighter loads to those with high payloads and extended travel distances.

Rexroth Compact Modules in size 9-70 provide more options for smaller handling applications with lengths up to 1,500 mm, while size 25-200 Compact Modules bring speed and precision to applications with high payloads and extended lengths.

(Charlotte, NC – ) Rexroth’s proven Compact Modules CKK and CKR are available in a broad range of sizes to handle applications ranging from small, precise handling systems with lighter loads, to large applications with high payloads and extended lengths. The newest additions to the family, size 9-70 and size 25-200, give manufacturing, packaging and automation engineers new options for pick-and-place, palletizing, and other performance-critical handling systems.

Rexroth’s CKK and CKR modules in size 9-70 offer proven Compact Module performance for smaller positioning tasks. Users can choose between ball screw (CKK) and toothed belt (CKR) versions with identical connection dimensions, common accessories and mounting components. Rexroth’s new ready-to-install linear modules ship in customer-specified lengths cut to the millimeter: up to 600 millimeters for ball screw version CKK and 1,500 millimeters for the toothed belt model CKR.

Each compact module consists of a rigid aluminum housing only 70 millimeters wide and 32 millimeters high including the carriage plate and features two ball rail systems for smooth, precision guidance—even at fast travel speeds. The ball rail systems provide excellent stiffness characteristics and ensure a high load rating in all four load directions. Two polyurethane sealing strips on the CKK ball screw version provide protection from contamination, such as dust and liquids.

For longer lengths, higher speeds and larger payloads, the proven performance of Rexroth CKK and CKR Compact Modules are available in a 200mm wide extrusion utilizing two Size 25 Ball Rail® guides. Widely used for multi-axis pick-and-place systems in assembly, these electromechanical actuators now bring their trademark speed, precision and heavy payload capability to larger scale applications.

The dual Ball Rail System linear guides and, in the case of the CKK, the Rexroth ball screw, ensure high system rigidity to move heavy payloads or complex end-of-axis tooling with extreme precision. The belt-drive CKR Compact Module uses a low-wear, steel-reinforced polyurethane belt with aluminum pulleys to deliver speeds up to 5 m/s over distances up to 10,000 mm—a best-in-class stroke length. Even the ball screw drive version CKK offers a stroke length of 5500 mm—outstanding when ball screw precision is required. The maximum load capacity for both models is 9100 kg, or 20,000 lbs.

The low-profile, anodized aluminum extrusion fits many applications, and the rigidity designed into the extrusion minimizes deflection. The dual Ball Rail guides inside the modules produce extremely smooth travel along the length of the axis, and convenient clamping fixtures make the Compact Modules easy to mount to virtually any baseplate or surface. The combination of extended length and heavy load capacity makes these new modules ideal for heavy automotive handling applications, transport tasks over long distances, palletizing, box transfer and even pharmaceutical dispensing.

The compact modules fit seamlessly into Rexroth’s EasyHandling for Cartesian applications. Additional information on the CKK and CKR Compact Modules and the complete range of high-performance Rexroth linear actuators can be found on our web site at

Visit Bosch Rexroth at AATExpo 2011 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, booth 1308.

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